flock-almost done

The last revision of the slide for the workshop has been completed.

What do I talk about?

Oh yes, right,

It is with great pleasure that I announce my first involvement with the flock-2017 in Hyannis, Massachusetts, also as speaker.

I will come from Italy with my mentor and web site coordinator - Robert Mayr <robyduck> , and along with the person who initially inspired me to actively participate in the Fedora Project - Gabriele Trombini <mailga>.

I will be presenting with robyduck a Fedora Websites workshop, an overview on principal features of Fedora Websites and work on real issue ticket. Attendees learn how Fedora Websites are make, with which tools and how they can contribute.

What do I expect from the flock? Definitely a unique experience, to meet many of the developers and contributors of the Fedora Project. It will be a full immersion of ideas and experiences.

The Fedora Project has already given me so much and I hope I can learn a lot more.

A dream come true thanks to the Fedora Project.