I was born in Rome and I lived there until 2008 when I went to Cagliari, in Sardinia.

In my working life I'm in the sector of technical support of Internet Service Provider. I'm using Linux systems since 2004, mainly Mandrake, and Ubuntu since the first release.

Now my PC run Fedora and I enjoy my participation in this awesome community.


I work in the IT, so I know operating systems mainly used from customers.

I'm studying to get the linux certifications.

I'm developing in some languages of programming like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Phyton, Java and related frameworks.

Currently also I'm studying Android developing with Android Studio.

How I'm using Fedora

I'm always to looking for best way to use Fedora.

Currently I've this configuration:

  • 'Desktop Environment': Xfce
  • 'Browser Web': Firefox and Chromium with uBlockOrigin, EFF addons, Ghostery, Firebug, Mailvelope
  • 'Client Mail': Claws Mail
  • 'Client IRC': XChat
  • 'Terminal Emulator': xfce with zsh
  • 'Editor': SublimeText
  • 'IDE': Android Studio
  • 'Player': VLC
  • 'RSS Reader':QuiteRSS

However I'm trying to use Fedora with WM i3 and relative applications like Mutt, Weechat, VIM and others.

Activities within Fedora

  • 'L10n': Fedora Localization Contributor in Italian
  • 'Fedora Websites': Developer Team GIT Commit Group

Activities outside Fedora

  • 'Gulch': "Gruppo utenti linux Cagliari h?" aka member of Linux User Group of Cagliari
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