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Monday 4 September 2017

That's all... Flock!

Hello everybody!


I am just returned from Flock! It was an amazing experience that linked me with the people of the Fedora Project.

I have attended a some of talks and workshops. The First, for all, State of Fedora by Matthew Miller, our FPL. talk-mattdm-StateOfFedora.jpg

One was the workshop of the design team about badge project: Designing Fedora Badges.

After an initial overview about the project, the admins Maria Leonova and Marie Nordin have explained that how the badges are done.

Then they show how to take a badge and how we work on this.

After a do-session on the badge selected, I pushed my work to review by design team and this is approved. Refer: https://pagure.io/Fedora-Badges/issue/338

Another talk that I attended was: Mindshare – retool outreach contributions of Robert Mayr and Gabriele Trombini.

In this talk they have explained a different point of view about the Fedora Project's organization. In the future this will upset the current settings to allow better coordination and better communication between outreach teams to obtain a better results.

Also I was a responsible of audio/video session of the talk of Tom Callaway: Understanding SPDX - Licensing Standards 4 Fedora.

Obviously also our workshop, mine and of Robert Mayr, about fedora websites, named: Create, build and develop our Fedora websites.

In this workshop we have explained how we communicate, what type of tools we use, how we use a local build to test the websites before submitting a pull request and how you can join us.

After an overview on this project, we have guided the attendees to set up their system and take an issue opened on pagure. In the end, we have obtained some pull request to fix also important issue.

So I would to thanks all attendees and I hope that they will join our team.


Finally, I would like to thank the Fedora Project for giving me the opportunity to participate in this fantastic experience.

Sunday 20 August 2017

Just finished, almost done.

flock-almost done

The last revision of the slide for the workshop has been completed.

What do I talk about?

Oh yes, right,

It is with great pleasure that I announce my first involvement with the flock-2017 in Hyannis, Massachusetts, also as speaker.

I will come from Italy with my mentor and web site coordinator - Robert Mayr <robyduck> , and along with the person who initially inspired me to actively participate in the Fedora Project - Gabriele Trombini <mailga>.

I will be presenting with robyduck a Fedora Websites workshop, an overview on principal features of Fedora Websites and work on real issue ticket. Attendees learn how Fedora Websites are make, with which tools and how they can contribute.

What do I expect from the flock? Definitely a unique experience, to meet many of the developers and contributors of the Fedora Project. It will be a full immersion of ideas and experiences.

The Fedora Project has already given me so much and I hope I can learn a lot more.

A dream come true thanks to the Fedora Project.

Monday 10 April 2017

Translation vFAD for Fedora 26

I am also a member of translation group of Fedora (ex-L10n now G11n).

From April 11 to 17 we'll have a vFAD (virtual Fedora Activity Day) to translate Fedora 26. You can read here in MailingList and here in wiki's page for more information.

"Packages groups are up-to-date on Zanata: http://fedora.zanata.org We suggest you to translate Priority list first, but you're welcome to translate any software." cit. Jean-Baptiste

However Fedora is always in need of translators, if you want to help us you can read here and here. This is the perfect chance to get involved in Fedora Project... We'll have a fantastic Badge to add of our collection.

See you soon!

Wednesday 5 April 2017

"Listen to my story" with Fedora Project

In the 2014 I was looking for a linux distro could do to my case. For work reasons and hobby I used mainly MS Windows. As you can read in the About Me page, the linux world was not new for me, indeed, just that I wanted to try something else.

I had a couple of requirements, key points:

  • it was stable
  • it was safe
  • it was updated
  • it was easy to install and use

Several options have been considered, obviously are not here to feed a distro-wars that already employ different internet places, the choice fell on Fedora Linux. Why? MY because it is banal, unconscious for some reason I always "admired" Red Hat, Fedora accordingly.

As usual, after the first start, I try the Internet solutions on the initial steps to follow.

I find people well disposed to help me and I notice this invitation to join the Project.

In less than a week I participate in the first local meeting. After two weeks I am already enrolled in FAS. After a few months I enrolled among the translators. After a year I enrolled among websites developers. After another 2 years I'm joining the Ambassadors group.

The desire to make you forward. The enthusiasm elevates you. The Fedora Project rewards you.

The satisfaction of being able to do something, even very small, but that something may go on to a HUGE machinery as the Fedora project, is a feeling you can not describe but only advise you to try it.

What aspects? Join to Fedora Project!

Primo Post

Hello everybody!

Questo è il primo post del mio blog.

Questo è un blog personale, un impegno che vorrei prendere per scrivere qualcosa ogni qualvolta ne possa sentire il bisogno.

Il titolo del Blog vuole essere un gioco di parole, richiamando l'informatica, materia di cui sia lavorativamente che per passione mi occupo, e ciò che di più astratto può essere inteso come il pensiero.

Post come query in un database di pensieri.

Stay tuned. 

Andrea - Veon